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Where will the new Kiruna city centre be situated?
The new Kiruna city centre will be situated about 3 km east of today’s city centre. The winning proposal in the architecture competition “A new city centre for Kiruna” connects central Kiruna with Tuolluvaara and Lombolo.

Who has decided on the location of the new city centre?
On September 19, 2011, the municipal council decided on the location.

Why was this area chosen to be the new city centre?
At first, there were two options for a future city centre: one in the northwest and one to the east as seen from the existing urban area. In 2009, LKAB presented an analysis of ground and soil conditions in the northwest. It showed that parts of the area were undermined by previous mining activities in Luossavaara. Ore deposits were found in other parts of the area. In addition, Australian mining company Avalon wanted to resume copper mining adjacent to the former Viscaria mine.
In the end, Kiruna Municipality determined that there was no longer a continuous surface area in the northwest that was large enough to accommodate an entire city centre.

What was the result of the architect competition for a new city hall?
The winner of the competition was the entry "Kristallen", submitted by Henning Larsen Architects A/S.

What was the result of the city centre architecture competition?
The winner of the competition was the entry "Kiruna 4-ever", submitted by White Arkitekter AB and Ghilardi + Hellsten Arkitekter.

Who pays for the city transformation?
According to the Minerals Act, the concession holder (in this case LKAB) shall pay compensation for damage or encroachment resulting from land or other space being utilized for exploitation or activities connected therewith.

What will the city transformation cost?
There is no exact answer to that question, but we are talking about billions of Swedish kronor (SEK). According to LKAB, the company had reserved 6 billion SEK for the transformations in Kiruna and Malmberget up until 2011.

When will the city transformation be finished?
The winning proposal, Kiruna 4-ever, describes a process that goes on until the year 2100. Whether the city transformation will be finished by then is impossible to say at this time.

Where will the future railway station be located?
The Swedish Transport Administration is the authority in charge of this matter, but Kiruna municipality's wish is that the railway station is located in connection with the future city centre. As of August 31 2013, the old railway station is closed and a temporary railway station is in place about 1 mile from the present city centre. 

How will LKAB's level 1365 mine affect today's city center?
About 3000 apartments have to be abandoned. Kiruna is now experiencing a housing shortage, which means that 3500 to 4000 new homes have to be built. The present city center, consisting of around 30 000 square meters of commercial area has to be replaced in the new city center location. In addition, over 800 hotel beds will have to be replaced. Other facilities affected are the city hall, the local high school, the church, the hospital, retirement homes, pre-schools and restaurants.

 etapp 2 utvecklingsplanen förminskad

How is planning for the new Kiruna going?
Kiruna Municipality has developed a plan proposal that complies with the inhabitants' wishes for a functionally mixed and dense city centre with a clear city feel, a main square, and a shopping street.

What is interest in building in Kiruna like?
Many property firms and investors are interested in building in the new Kiruna. Kiruna Municipality has invited interested parties to a land allocation for ten blocks in the new city centre. Construction companies have expressed interest in building in new Kiruna. Proposals on Swedish pages (PDF, 3 MB)

When will building of the new Kiruna commence?
The preparatory land works for the new city hall , Kristallen, has started. This also marks the beginning of the construction of the city centre itself. The first buildings in the city center are expected to be ready in 2019. Over the subsequent years, expansion of the city will continue, and is estimated to be ongoing for 10-15 years.

What buildings will be ready first?
It is currently not finalised exactly what buildings will be ready first, but the ambition is a new city hall, a city hotel, housing, workplaces, retail premises, a restaurant and a café, as well as some municipal services.

What will the high street look like?
The high street will start at the eastern part of the main square. The idea here is to create a cosy city street with shops on the ground floors on both sides of the street. On the floors above the shops will be housing and workplaces. Further east along the high street, and closer to the new E10, will be an area intended for superstores.
The Development Plan on Swedish pages

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