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Kiruna kommun


We who live here in Kiruna have many names for our community. In winter we speak of the Winter City and the Snow Festival – one of the town's most popular annual events.

Our business sector revolves naturally around our roots as a Mining City, Space City as well as the growing tourism industry. Kiruna is in fact the tourism capital of Norrbotten County, hosting nearly half of all guest nights in the county.

Scientific research has always been a part of Kiruna, and began in the mountains with the Abisko Scientific Research Station (anno 1903), and has since been complemented with the Institute of Space Physics (1957) and the Esrange Space Centre (1966).

Many of Kiruna's visitors are curious about what is going on in the centre of Kiruna. The spreading of the crack formations caused by the mining activities is the reason for the transformation of the affected areas - a process that has already begun. It is a difficult, yet exciting, project that will continue for decades to come!

The people of Kiruna are active in their free time, involved in a wide selection of 400 clubs and associations, ranging from live theater to ice climbing. Kiruna is mainly associated with hunting, fishing, skiing and outdoor life in fantastic countryside spread out over our 20,000 km2 municipality. Much of the Sami culture is preserved here through the active use of the North Sami language and a thriving reindeer husbandry.

Kiruna's music traditions have a long history, and one of the really big events is the summertime Kiruna Festival that annually welcomes big-name musicians and artists. Turning to Kiruna's other cultural treasures, the community's art collection comprises 2 000 works, and we have our own annual film festival – the Arctic Light Film Festival. Thus, the Arts and Music City of Kiruna is also thriving.

Kiruna is multi-cultural, and multi-industrial, with something interesting for everyone. Many people from around the world have found a quality of life here that exists nowhere else. They seek another way of life, move here and settle in our villages. Here they find tranquility, as well as an air of optimism and belief in the future. In 2007, Vittangi was voted Village of the Year in Norrbotten County!

We are a town– and a municipality – with many names. Winter City, Space City, Mining City, tourist destination, a city in transformation, music metropolis and community of the future, just to name a few. We have so many names because we have so much to be proud of. And since we are proud, we are more than happy show the rest of the world our wonderful community.
So once more: Welcome to Kiruna – we have something for everyone!


Publicerad av: Maria Lindgren

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